What does that even mean?

It means Catholic-ish, to clarify.

Spiritual, but not religious (this does not necessarily apply to me, I’m just coming up with stuff. Right now I’m just typing out reasons why someone might be Catholic-esque).

Stopped going to church a long time ago. Beliefs basically remain the same.

Raised Catholic, stopped practicing. Started questioning.

The gay thing.

The pro-life thing.

The sex abuse thing.

The women-in-the-church thing.

The everything thing.

Whatever thing it was that distanced you from the Church, or distanced me from the Church, I may end up talking about here at some point. It’s not always one thing. I didn’t realize until much later that these things that had built up within me weren’t just distancing me from the Church. I became distant from God as a result, and now I’m trying to work on that relationship again. I most definitely was a non-believer at one point, though I bristled at being labeled an atheist or even agnostic. Looking back on it, I just didn’t want any of it in my life at all. That part of me has changed. I don’t want to blame God for my failures or what I might (wrongfully) perceive as the failures of other people.

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